Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Boogielicious and I have been working on a different kind of project lately. We've taken a decal departure. I've ventured this way a few times before (like here, and here, and here). Except for owl decals, which can be purchased in my etsy shop, these projects are usually reserved for friends who make a special request, as is the case in this instance.
So I ordered up some vinyl decal paper (love the stuff)...
and went to work.
I love it when I have to pull out all different tools and dust off my exact-0 knives.

And here they are! Eight sassy butterflies for a sweet little gal's room.

That one there...she's my favorite.

And arrrrgh, pirate decals for the little bro.
All this has got me planning for lil' sis's room. It's a reeeeeally small room, a hybrid dressing room/closet just outside our bedroom. It kinda screams nursery, but it'll need some work to really make it sing. All this decalling has me swimming in fun ideas to spruce up her room. At present I'm thinking of making an elaborate picture window out of decals and putting a beautiful meadow and all kinds of whimsical stuff outside of it. Then I can make elegant little drapes for it.

What fun!


  1. So Cute. And what a great idea for baby girl's room. I love the picture window idea!