Wednesday, March 2, 2011

That Mama Strikes Again...

Once again, I got a little photo happy. The boys had their first gymnastics class together yesterday (Dizzy took gymnastics while back by himself).

So, the thing was was that I had the camera with me because of the 1st dentist visit (obviously) so, I decided that rather than carry it every week or try to catch gymnastical shots with my phone camera, I would just be the annoying lady who took pictures the entire class. And then it would be out of my system and next week I'll leave the camera at home and we'll just have fun.

(Spoiler alert: There's one more installment in the Can't Put the Camera Down Day Trilogy. You'll be getting that tomorrow).

The boys had a grand old time at gymnastics. We decided to downgrade to the poor man's gymnastics - rec center style - now that we're paying for two little gymnasts. We could not be happier with poor man's gymnastics. Poor man's gymnastics is a hit.

At the expensive university gymnastics program where Eli once bounced and bounded, there were multiple classes going on at one time. So you were expected to keep your toddler with his or her group and focused on the current activity or apparatus. It was like herding... well... toddlers.

Poor man's gymnastics is a free-for-all. And what do toddlers love more than a colorful, bouncy, energetic free-for-all? Not much.

There were some all together activities - mostly songs and such. And the newly mature Dizzy ate that stuff up. But Boogie and I were thankful that the teacher started off those activities by giving the runners permission to run.

Let toddlers be toddlers? Revolutionary.

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