Saturday, July 31, 2010

M.A.C. - Missing at Camp

This is Boogie's "Don't Blame Me, I was at Camp." face. Sorry friends for the little break. I forgot to mention in the frenzy of decals and packing that we were off for a week at Family Camp at La Foret. Ooops. We got home this afternoon and are regrouping while the boys nap. Maybe we should be napping while the boys regroup.

Here are some highlights from our wonderful week:

Boogie and Dizzle made and launched bottle rockets. It was a BLAST (p.i.)! They got to decorate and name their vessels and see them blast off while adoring adult campers cheered. They lined the rocketeers up youngest to oldest for the launching order. Boogie was 1st. Dizzle was 3rd. Which means out of a hundred some odd campers, we have two of the three youngest. How tired are we?

We spent lots of time chowing down (often in our jammies) in the dining hall.
Expect to hear more on this sweet little seat contraption soon. Amos loves it.

There was lots of sleeping. He looks pretty comfy, eh?

Tuesday night was STAR WARS NIGHT! Our cabin mates spent months devising a very involved, all camp game. There were five stations where your team competed to identify photos of characters from all six films, listen to quick recordings of lines from the films and identify the speaker, translate sentences into Yoda Speak (and do the voice), dress Princess Leia for a journey using only toilet paper, shoot the Death Star with suction cup darts and crack a code by answering Star Wars and camp related questions. It was incredible!

And the whole camp brought Star Wars getup to wear on a processional to the event. Fabulous!

Dizzle had the most fun playing with the big kids. All the camp kids were so sweet to him and took such good care of him. So good in fact that anytime I walked up, he chirped, "Go way Mama."

And there was Tie Dye!

Confession - I put the kids to bed and went to tie dye by myself.

It was just better that way.

But they got to go pick up their tie dyed clothes with me and they were pleased as punch

Looking pretty cute! We did a couple of off camp runs to target and one lunch out. It's funny how conspicuous it is to be dressed head to toe in tie dye when you're not at camp. Oh well.

We all miss camp. E-Dizzle keeps saying, "I need to go to our cavin (cabin)." And then I ask him, because the answer is just suhdarn cute, "What's our cabin's name?"

"Tennenbome (Tannenbaum)," he replies.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Last Decal Post...for now...

I'm done decal-ing for now...

Here are my last two efforts:

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto?I think I love the robots the best. They're like owls...impossible to mess up.

And Tree-Tastic Town

So sweet.

Next post...sewing!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Meeeeeoooow for kitty decals!

The decal mania is a little intense around here. But I'm in the home stretch, because there are things that need a-sewing!


Now...sassy cats!

A set of these sassy cats are going to two very sassy gals. This is the birthday card for one.

Sweet, no?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happily Home Sliced?

I've been up to something a little different lately. It was a special request from our dear dear friends Natalie and Debra. They recently welcomed sweet Lucas into the world and have made him the. most. beautiful. nursery. ever.

Debra is a keen designer and their house is always beautiful and warm, but when I walked into Lucas' room - I wanted to live there. Move over baby. This is my crib.

(I should have scanned these to do them justice. But I'm lazy).

So they asked me to make some wall decals to go on his blank azul colored wall. We talked about it for a while, and inspired by the decor in Snooze (a breakfast joint in Denver - go there, the food is unreal!), I got excited about doing jacks. They were totally into it - and here's what I cooked up:

Here they are sloppily taped up on my boring white wall. Pretty fun! I know Debra will place them just perfectly and I can't wait to see how they spruce up Lucas' super fly room!

Congratulations Mamas and welcome sweet Lucas to a beautiful loving family!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Jessa's Way". Not to be confused with "The Right Way."

"Mommy, where do clip arts come from?"

No really. I have no idea how it works. I'm pretty sure it doesn't work like this, but here's how I did it:So I need a one color image to put on a certain promotional item I intend to hype and expose in a big reveal sometime in the coming weeks. But get ready. It's awesome. And I plan to include one in every shipment. Be excited.

I didn't want to use just John Q. Owl off the internet. So I pulled out my Wall Pops and picked a nice brown and went to work. I quickly drew an owl friend and set about cutting out the negative spaces with my trusty exacto knife.

"Huh. This might work." I said to myself.

I got a little stuck trying to figure out the eyes. Then I panicked when I kept cutting and accidentally detached them from the rest of his face (darn you negative space!). But then I realized I could just stick them right where the belong once the rest was all cut out. Phew.

I stuck him down on some crisp white paper - gave him his eyes back - and viola!

Throw in some hair and some leaves and he's one not-half-bad looking owl. I was pretty jazzed.

This needs work, but you get the idea.. Anybody have suggestions for me on adding my two urls to the design?

So, can anyone explain to me, without getting into too much personal detail, how clip art gets made? Are there clip artists with poor vision and very sore pointer fingers working away out there that I don't know about? It's a mystery.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Poncho Towel Winner

Sorry guys. The fella let me sleep in. Ahhhhh.

Anyhoo - I know this is the dark ages way to pick a winner. But it's fun. And, you know I'm not cheating, because there's no way I could talk him into doing this twice.

Congratulations Deborah! Thanks for posting this on facebook. I'll be in touch!

Thanks for all the love folks! Sorry if you weren't the winner, but if you're itching to have one, check them out here. We could even customize it for ya for no extra charge!

Keep checking back for more giveaways. They're so fun!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy My Birthday Giveaway!

It's my birthday! How about a giveaway to celebrate?

Everybody needs a little of this:

Now don't get too excited. You don't get Boogie.

But you do get a hooded towel with the applique of your choice (from the options below). You can choose a green, blue, or pink (all pastels) towel, and one of these cute designs.

Update! - I got more towels today, so now you can also choose from these colors:
It's not necessary to re-comment if you want to change your color choice. I will double check the winner's desires before I make it.

I'll even personalize it with an initial for you if you'd like!

To enter:

for one chance to win the custom-made hooded poncho towel:

  • post a comment below, and include the towel color, applique picture and initial (if you want) you would choose.

for additional chances to win:

  • link to this giveaway from your blog (tell me you’ve done so in a comment below)
  • link to this giveaway from your facebook page (tell me you've done so in a comment below)
  • subscribe to my blog via rss or email (tell me you’ve done so in a comment below)
  • like Happily Home Sewn on facebook (by clicking this link (I think) or searching for Happily Home Sewn on facebook).
  • follow my blog on google friend connect, which is located on the sidebar
UPDATE - I forgot to mention when it would end. I will pick a winner at 8:00 a.m. Saturday, July 17th.

In other news - I'm getting a hubby for my birthday! The fella is on an airplane flying home right now. Hooray!

Happy My Birthday to you all!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sandox fun.

We recently relocated the contraband sandbox (against apartment rules - psh) to the corner of our little porch area instead of right beside our door. Now it gets more shade and less sand comes inside. Win/win. Big E can be found here most of the day.
Little A is another story. He loves it. Looooovves it. As soon as I take the cover off he makes a b line. Trouble is, when he gets there, he eats sand by the fistfuls as if his very life depends on it. As if in a panic of starvation (perhaps because he knows I'm about to put the kibosh on it) he jams handful after fat little handful of sand down his gullet.

Can babies have Pica?

But sometimes, after I've taken him in and washed the sand out of his mouth, he will sit in it and play as nature intended - digging, throwing, making tracks with cars, wriggling fingers through, etc.
And a good time is had by all.

In other news - for some reason yesterday Amos was cracked up by Eli saying, "Pinch." Can't explain it. There was no physical pinching - play or otherwise. But this kid just howled with laughter.

Sorry for the poor video quality. I have a better one taken with the camera, but I've had very limited success uploading camera videos to blogger. Any suggestions?