Monday, March 21, 2011

Categorically Random

And by that I mean completely random...while also allowing for some categorization.

First category: Loot. Look what my lovely Gillian sent to me! She made it herself! She is my guru of style, so I'm super thrilled to adorn my self with anything she touched. Thank you Gillian!

Category Two: Figure Drawing 101
Today Eli branched out from name writing and squiggle drawing and composed his first figure, complete with eyes, ears, mouth, and legs. I am super proud.

Category Three: HHS Models
Sweet Elsa Belle came over the other day all decked out in her HHS wear and she was to.die.for. This photo is funny for a couple of other reasons too - 1) she's totally giving me her model stink eye. 2)Amos in the background already over the fact that girls get all the camera's attention. Sweet Boogie, you'll always be one of my favorite subjects.

Category Four: Amos is Cute

I want those curls. Even Eli can't help snapping his picture.

Category four: Dizzy Sleeps.
Now, I've heard of sleep walking and sleep talking, but the other night Eli sleep scammed me. He worked me over for a snack trap full of honey nut cheerios and a cup of chocolate milk, all in his sleep. I know this because as soon as I handed it to him he curled over on his side and continued sleeping.

Snuggled around Elmo and Friends - love it.

And then there's yesterday's nap where apparently the super cool race car bed just would not do because we found him asleep in the hamper.

Categorically most excellent.

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