Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happily Home Sliced?

I've been up to something a little different lately. It was a special request from our dear dear friends Natalie and Debra. They recently welcomed sweet Lucas into the world and have made him the. most. beautiful. nursery. ever.

Debra is a keen designer and their house is always beautiful and warm, but when I walked into Lucas' room - I wanted to live there. Move over baby. This is my crib.

(I should have scanned these to do them justice. But I'm lazy).

So they asked me to make some wall decals to go on his blank azul colored wall. We talked about it for a while, and inspired by the decor in Snooze (a breakfast joint in Denver - go there, the food is unreal!), I got excited about doing jacks. They were totally into it - and here's what I cooked up:

Here they are sloppily taped up on my boring white wall. Pretty fun! I know Debra will place them just perfectly and I can't wait to see how they spruce up Lucas' super fly room!

Congratulations Mamas and welcome sweet Lucas to a beautiful loving family!


  1. you are totally talented! love them. love the cats you posted on facebook too!

  2. *gasp!* Cutest wall decals EVER! ;)