Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pearly Whites

Today was Dizzy's first visit to the dentist.

Yes, I am that Mama. I brought the camera.

As part of his recent developmental burst, my previously cautious and sound sensitive child listened calmly while this stranger told him all about these new scary noisy tools.

And let her put them in his mouth.

She won him over by saying that the buzzing brusher sounded like a racecar. I didn't hear that, but he bought it.
He got nice and comfy for the flossing portion of the evening.

And he took home some sweet swag.
Amos cowered. Adorably.

I am amazed by Dizzy's new found confidence, bravery, awareness and interpretation.

His post-dentist visit observation:

"It was not Hermie."

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