Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fantasy To-Do List

My fabulous friend's blog - The Make Shift Revolution has issued a remarkable challenge - create your own Fantasy To-Do List.

In her words:
"the purpose of a fantasy to do list is to start thinking beyond all of the many obligations that abound long enough to envision what life might look like with a little added refrains of fun. items on these lists have a strange way of slipping out of the hypothetical world and into our real lives! just try it. you’ll see."

When she laid down this challenge a week or so, I let the idea marinate, and, whadya know, some dreams I didn't even know were hiding under there, peeked out their little heads. Now, as the purpose indicates - these to-dos are fantasy, and are in know way required to get done. But, just thinking about them has lead me to believe, a few just might come true.

So, here's my list of fantasies, some more realistic than others:

  • Be a potter again (see photo below).
  • Go back to India (see photo above).
  • Get a bicycle and attachment for the boys and ride allovercreation.
  • Get a maid (I might want this one the most).
  • Go to Hawaii
  • Have my pottery featured prominently on the set of Central Perk during the Friends reunion show.
  • Become a singer/songwriter (that one came out of the blue didn't it).
  • Read a book. Or two.
  • Have a staff (like employees who work for me and do the piddly tasks of the day instead of me, not like a big stick)
  • Single task (as in, the opposite of multi tasking - my m.o.)
I feel like my list may be woefully devoid of generous "do good for others" kinds of things - but this is fantasy. And in fantasy sometimes is all right to be selfish.

Hmmm...wander which one(s) might come true? Wait and see.

Oh, and on completely separate topic - there's only one day left of the End of May Sample Sale! Jump on over for some Memorial Day bargains.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


(Wedding Photos by Peter Decker)

Ten years ago...

Surrounded by friends...
and family (some barefoot)...
We exchanged these vows...

You are my dearest friend and deepest love,
and I am so happy that on this day I will call you my wife (husband).

From this moment on I promise to love you.
I promise to treat you with honor and respect.
I promise to embrace you each day with kindness.
I vow to be devoted to our love with honesty and vigor.

I will take great joy in you.

You are my greatest bliss, a source of my strength,
and an instrument of my growth and happiness.

I thank our God eternally for you and with his grace,
give myself completely unto you , from this day forward.

And a kiss.

We celebrated.
We danced.
We frolicked.
We loved.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm having a sale!

Here are just a few of the items I have just put on sale in my first ever Happily Home Sewn etsy Sample Sale!

Don't delay -End of May Sample Sale items will be 20% off through midnight on May 31st only!

Need a baby gift soon? You're in luck! There are lots of cute new baby pants/onesie sets I have samples of that need to find a good home!

Take a look and see if there's a goody calling your name!

Kisses and Winners

First, some good morning kisses...

Now - the winner!
Congratulations to Laura of WestFire Studio. Eight kooky owls are coming your way!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Formal Introduction

I'd like to officially introduce you to Betty, my trusty sewing machine.
Two Christmases ago my Dad and Stepmom asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I had just started dabbling in fabric on our roommate's machine. I didn't know where it would lead, but I thought it would be fun to have a machine of my own, so Christa and I could stop having to take shifts on her machine (it was a funny little dance we did - she'd sew while I cut and pressed. As soon as she got up I'd sneak in to sew a few stitches. It's a wonder we ever got anything made).

Dad and Carol sent Betty. And I set her up in this cozy little nook at the mountain house (yes, that's a miniature pool table she's perched upon).
Eli and I would sew away the days with Betty in the little nook.
And now Betty has a new nook and a new buddy, and lots of new fans.
We love you Betty.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Owltastic Giveaway!

*****Eric informs me that in reading this post he surmised that I was giving away old, used, busted up owls. That is not the case. I have made a slew of new ones in the past few days and those are being given away here.*****I'm giving Betty (my sewing machine) a rest (enjoy it Betty, because it's almost over! I have eight capes to make!). A covey of owls has taken up residence on my work table. They're looking for a good home! So...a giveaway!

The winner will receive:
8 one of a kind owl decals (ranging from 4 - 6 inches tall)
8 tree branch decals (10-12 inches long)
25 leaf decals

You can arrange these in the way that works best for your space. They are made of Wall Pops wall decal material and are easily moved around if you don't get them stuck right on the first try. I have even moved them from our old house to our new and they're still stuck beautifully.

Each owl is different and has its own quirky personality

To enter:

for one chance to win:

  • post a comment below

for additional chances to win:

  • link to this giveaway from your blog (tell me you’ve done so in a comment below)
  • post this giveaway on your facebook wall (tell me you've done so in a comment below)
  • subscribe to my blog via rss or email (tell me you’ve done so in a comment below)
  • follow my blog on google friend connect, which is located on the sidebar (tell me you’ve done so in a comment below)
I threw some up on etsy too if you can't wait. Also you can see more photos to see what you might be winning!

A winner will be chosen on Monday morning (5/24), because I'm a firm believer in throwing some good karma out in to the universe on Monday mornings.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Making of a Logo

I'm 100% sure this is not how the pros do it.

But here's how I whipped up a happily homemade logo for the Summer Sunday School curriculum our Children's Minister is putting together inspired by the Magic Treehouse Book Series. I used Wall Pops solid colored decals and paper. I cut out shapes and layered, stuck, and re-stcuk.

Getting there.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Serendipity Delivers

Twas but a whim - an ill-advised jaunt for an already tired crew - that took us to the garage sale at the Russian Orthodox church yesterday morning.

We had already been on a short walk and to the Farmers Market, and could have just gone inside and collapsed. But, the call of the Russians. It beckoned to us.

So we walked the 6 some blocks. What we encountered was mostly your garden variety yard sale junk. Church yard sale junk no less - which is, well...special.

A lovely, mostly Russian-speaking, well meaning lady flocked to us and plied us with gifts. She dressed sleeping Amos in a new hat and socks. She sweet talked Eli with a free dog stuffy ("Is gift.")

But I spied something magical and managed to wiggle free of her grasp momentarily to snatch up this (one man's trash) treasure. It's the Sew Easy children's sewing machine! Now, I need to research this a bit - but I think it actually sews. Anybody have any knowledge of this little beauty? Do share!
Eli proudly displayed his find to the other park goers. He even had two BOYS vying for a turn with it at one point. I tried to contain my glee.

With all the days activities the fella and I split the dinner/bedtime duties. I fed Amos and swept him off to bed. When I returned I found Eli sewing away at the table.
Dad hooked him up with some fabric and he went to it.

"What are you making Eli?"

"I made a cape and a purse."

I can not express my excitement over not only acquiring this little gem (for free! No checks accepted at church yard sales apparently), but at Dizzle's love, pride, industry, skill and ease of use of it.

It's Sew Easy to see that we were meant to schlep our worn out babies and our tired bodies up the street to find it. Thanks universe!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The (D)evolution of Craft

Thursday evening, we set about making little notes and gifts of thanks to give E's teachers the following morning, which happened to be his last day of school (gulp).

So I whipped out some paints to get a couple of quick preschooler handprints on each of the envelopes and be done with it.

Eli had other plans:He must have thought I said arm prints.
Painted hands clap even louder than non-painted ones.
Admiring his handiwork.
Elbow prints?
What fun. What fun.

I'm here all week folks. Thank you. Good night!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day Revisited

The other day, the fella was reminiscing via our family blog and read aloud to me this post from my first Mother's Day:

Today has been the loveliest of days. We celebrated my first Mother's Day with yummy food and a gorgeous day in the park with my fellas. It could not have been sweeter. Well, that's not true. It could have been sweeter if I had not been up making pots until...wait for it...FIVE A.M.

This year, my Mother's Day gratitude is heaped upon my sons, the lovely fella, my Mama and those who've mothered me and my loved ones over the years...and the universe, for giving me a break from pottery for a while.

Don't get me wrong. I miss it. But I don't miss the pressure, the deadlines and staying up all night to fill orders.

Now I'm up all night snuggling A-Boogie. And that is better.

This Mother's Day (week) had us on the beach in Washington...

Playing with my sisters in Seattle...

playing with my Mama, Yaya...
Getting sandy back at home...

Shopping for silly stuff with Katie at Talulah Jones...

Going to see the sweetest hour and twenty minutes of cinema ever: Babies...

And getting totally inspired by the books the fella got me for Mothers Day:

Click on the covers to see what the fuss is all about.

And keep checking here for the venture these books have inspired me to embark upon shortly with the boys.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Blossom Walk

The boys are snoozing away...tired our from this morning's blossom walk. The campus is a regular bloomstravaganza these days. Back in the fall Eli worked on a leaf board for um...a couple of months. He just kept picking up leaves everywhere we went and bringing them home for his "yeaf boahd."

So today, we struck out on blossom board mission. Step one - find a piece of foam or cardboard.
Optional step two - let your blossom board buddy pick out some fabric with which to cover your foam or cardboard.
Step three - find blossoms and pin them to the aforementioned blossom board.
This little guy has personality!

Pond blossoms.
This is what I love about crafting with kiddos - E-Dizzle found this little gem. It's not a conventional blossom. It's a partially budded pinecone. And it looks like a little rose on a stem. Good eye E-man!
We sat by the progressive fountains pinning our finds.
The wee couple behind Eli are doing tai chi. This couple and my crew often come across each other in this spot. It's one of our faves.
This is where Boogie spent his blossom walk.
Nice work boys!