Thursday, May 20, 2010

Owltastic Giveaway!

*****Eric informs me that in reading this post he surmised that I was giving away old, used, busted up owls. That is not the case. I have made a slew of new ones in the past few days and those are being given away here.*****I'm giving Betty (my sewing machine) a rest (enjoy it Betty, because it's almost over! I have eight capes to make!). A covey of owls has taken up residence on my work table. They're looking for a good home! So...a giveaway!

The winner will receive:
8 one of a kind owl decals (ranging from 4 - 6 inches tall)
8 tree branch decals (10-12 inches long)
25 leaf decals

You can arrange these in the way that works best for your space. They are made of Wall Pops wall decal material and are easily moved around if you don't get them stuck right on the first try. I have even moved them from our old house to our new and they're still stuck beautifully.

Each owl is different and has its own quirky personality

To enter:

for one chance to win:

  • post a comment below

for additional chances to win:

  • link to this giveaway from your blog (tell me you’ve done so in a comment below)
  • post this giveaway on your facebook wall (tell me you've done so in a comment below)
  • subscribe to my blog via rss or email (tell me you’ve done so in a comment below)
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I threw some up on etsy too if you can't wait. Also you can see more photos to see what you might be winning!

A winner will be chosen on Monday morning (5/24), because I'm a firm believer in throwing some good karma out in to the universe on Monday mornings.


  1. I want some. You love me-remember? (Just kidding, but I would love to buy some from you! This sounds random, but I want robots and pink kitty decals. I know if anyone could make that happen-it could be you.)

  2. Those are sooo cute! you have the best stuff!!!

  3. these would look great on Lucas' wall. Great to have his room full of homemade love. look forward to you meeting him.

  4. Im koo koo for owls now!!! PLEASE PICK ME!!!

  5. Pick me, pick me! I love the owls! (It's your neighbor Rachel)

  6. I posted on my facebook wall also!

  7. Hey Jessa! Hopefully I'm not sneaking in too late:). I fell asleep with my little and just woke up. I also posted on Facebook. Great owls, and I LOVE the individual personalities! To me, it's what really makes them so great.

  8. I just checked my facebook link to your giveaway, and it didn't work. Can you tell me how to do it?