Thursday, March 31, 2011

Embrace the Boogie Love

My sweet baby Boogie is feeling crummy today. So today's Embrace the Camera is all about him. Even with the crud, he's still the sweetest thing. He's a chipper little chatterbox. He's got a fabulous sense of humor. He's compassionate and empathetic...mostly to himself. But still.

Por exemplo, all week he's had a little cut on his finger and it gets stuff in it when he eats and it stings. He holds it up to me and says, "My finga. I'm so sorry."

Also, when he coughs, he asks himself if he's ok. Classic.
He is going to be the best big brother. This is not one of those times when I rationalize saying one of my children is better at something than the other. He will definitely be a better big brother than Eli. Just ask Boogie, who, to save time, cries when he sees his big brother coming. I have noticed Eli's getting a little sweeter and gentler with him lately. Thank goodness.

But I think Amos will be passing on some of that empathy down to his lil' sis. That classic middle child care-giving instinct has the potential to serve them well.
So, today, we celebrate the Boogie, the Boog-a-Lou, the Amos Mouse, the A-Man. Feel better soon sweet thing - and until you do, I'll try to keep Eli at a safe distance.

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  1. Sick babes are no fun, he sure is a champ!!! Hope he gets to feeling better quickly!! Love the "belly" shot of you two!! So sweet!

  2. The only good thing about the sickies is the snuggling! Great pictures!

  3. He sounds incredibly sweet. And yes, I have 2 boys and now a girl. The boys are VERY sweet on her. :)