Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A New Way To Egg

Good ol' Pintrest has done it again.

Need a new way to color Easter Eggs? Pintrest has it (duh).

No vinegar. No cups.

Just shaving cream and food coloring. Genius.

 Start by spraying shaving cream in a large baking dish or flat bowl. Whatever.

Shaving cream is pretty and very fun to play with. File that one away for a rainy day.

 Amos jumped the gun.

 Add food coloring.
 Then just roll your eggs around in it. I rolled mine without mixing the color in very much. I got very dark marbled eggs. The boys mixed in there colors first and they got more pastel lightly marbled eggs. Choose your own adventure.
There's an egg hidden in there. 
The aftermath.

Next step: send the kids to the tub.
Then let the eggs sit for a bit. Ten minutes or so. Then wipe them with a paper towel (or 100). 
Viola! Love it!

Pro-tip. That which colors eggs, colors children. Mine required two baths and are still quite rainbow-esque. Hazel napped through the whole endeavor which turned out to be a good thing.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sewing for Self!

So, yesterday I found myself with a Friday with nothing on the to-do list. Boys in school, just me and Haze chillin' at the house. 

And as enticing as, "laying around on my keister and doing nothing all day" sounds, it's always a bit of a let down and I usually get a headache and the guilt. So I wanted to do something, but nothing too productive. 

And it occurred to me...as unlikely as this sounds... I kinda need a purse. Despite the fact that I have tens of them, none of them is just right. So I cracked open the big book of purses, Style Stiches by Amy Butler and went to work with a yummy chevron that's been itching for a purpose. 

And viola:

I am super excited. 

This is the most structured bag I have ever made. It might be kinda nice to depart from the boho hobo look for a bit. 


It's got two dividing pockets inside (one zippered) making five separate compartments. I even had the forethought to add to pockets on the side for my celly and keys. I love pocketry!

Now, I'm off to transfer purses! Don't you love doing that when you have a new bag? I do! But I made it wait so I could blog about it first. You're welcome! :)