Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sensing a Theme

So far in March, just about every post has some admission to the fact that I am not the idea man around here.

This post is no exception.

This morning while trying painfully to have an original thought - I noticed a really good one from someone else. It was from another seamstress mama I follow - Amy - the very talented lady behind the adorable kids' clothing line, Brownie Goose.

This morning the BG facebook status said:

"very sad that this year i won't be doing the "40 days to help the strays" in which i donate money from all outfits made during lent to the no-kill animal shelter here."

(Aside:This our first baby, Big Wendell. Our 4 furry kiddos haven't gotten much (read: any) attention on this blog because they had to go live in foster care with the fella's mom while we play out our stint in student housing and get settled somewhere real. We miss you guys!)

Um. Bingo.

I should mention that she's not doing it because she just had a baby like, this morning. Still making complete sentences would be impressive enough, but throwing good ideas in there...that's too much.

So, on this fine Fat Tuesday, I am going to take this inspiration and carry on this good idea. During Lent 10% from each sale will be donated to our local no-kill animal shelter.

So - I may not be the idea man. But that's ok. Because I have the good sense to follow advice, listen to the wisdom of others, and get inspired by other people's really great ideas.

And, most importantly, to give credit where it's due. Thanks Amy!

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  1. Concerning ideas, my dad says, "He who steals from me, steals twice." :-) Us Kerrs take ideas wherever we can get them, too.