Thursday, March 17, 2011

Embrace the Matchy Matchy

I really like the consistency of having a standard Thursday theme. So, once again it's time for Embrace the Camera, the Thursday feature from the Anderson Crew!

I did a little digging for this one, but it was worth a walk down memory lane.

Last February I took a pajama pants making class. It was great fun and there was literally no one I didn't make pajama pants for. Aren't yours super cute and comfy?

I even made fabulous matching ones for the boys and me! Swirly ones with winky owls!

Even the beloved Harry Elephante got a pair. Of course.

The fella got jealous (ok, that's a lie) so I made matching pairs for him and the boys too! Much manlier - with peace signs and dinosaurs.

How long do you think I should expect that my boys will wear matching clothes with me? You'd think that ship had sailed by now, but Dizzy still chooses his owl pjs and loves it when we wear the same ones. Now that is love.

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  1. cool pants! Love the pictures!

  2. Too funny! Love the matching pjs. I need to make us some of those.

  3. oh those look great, and super comfy!

    My boys allowed it until my oldest son was about 10 or 11, so you might have a while yet!!

    Thanks for sharing

  4. wow, c-u-t-e blog and c-u-t-e family!! i adore the pair for the elephant.......

  5. I want pajama pants! so cute, lol

  6. that's awesome! so cute! love the pj pants!

  7. LOVE the pjs! SO cute! Great embrace moments!

  8. how cute are you guys? Love the owl print!