Our Valentine's Day Flash Mob

It came in a dream...

A month in the making...

Self doubt was tossed out and my inner choreographer was tapped into...

And now it is finished!

I present to you, the Official Video of the Valentine's Day Flash Mob organized by moi!

Just as I thought, Flash Mobbing is SO MUCH FUN! It went by incredibly fast. So fast that having worried about forgetting the moves was silly because there was no time to forget! And if you did, you had only a second to laugh at yourself and jump back in when you could. IT WAS AWESOME!

We had a bit of technical trouble and it was tricky getting good footage in such a crowded, compact, and angle-y space! But I love having a record of this very fun experience! And I love all the peeks of my little Eli mobbing right along beside.

A little background…
It was my New Year’s Resolution to participate in a Flash Mob, but all the ones I came across required more dance skill and well…hipness, than I possess. So, I kept looking.

And then…I swear…I had a dream.  A couple days after I took my kids to see the new muppet movie, I woke up with this song and dance in my head. In the dream it was performed in Mellow Mushroom and you and you and you were there. And I was super excited (read: obsessed). I got myself to Mellow Mushroom as soon as I could (lunch that day) to see if they were into it. Happily…they were.

Then I needed the moves. I wasn’t sure I could choreograph a whole 3:00 minute dance. Happily…I could.

So I put together this little number to the opening song to the muppet movie – “Life’s a Happy Song.” It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day and so cheesy we should put it on a pizza. So, Mellow Mushroom is the perfect spot.

Then I needed some dancers for the tutorial video, so I asked my LadyFest gals if they were into it. Happily…they were.

Thanks to everyone who played a part! You litchrilly (channeling Chris Traeger, Parks and Recreation), made my dream come true. 

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  1. OH MY!! I think this is awesome, I even brought the hubby in here to watch it LOL....all the girls did soooo good! Can not wait to see the video on the 14th!! Jessa, what will you think of next????