Monday, March 28, 2011

Follow. That. Bus!

We spend nearly every Saturday over the summer at a fabulous Farmer's Market in town.

Now, you may think we go for the produce, the flowers, the local goat cheese, but's for the bus.

Specifically, the Biscuit Bus.

It's hard outside of the south to procure a good biscuit and glass of sweet tea. In the south you can't swing a bag of cats without hitting a biscuit (they say that there. But they have biscuits, so we look past it). But it's hard here in the midwest to get your hands on those.

But here in our town, there is bus that drives around with delicious big-as-your-cat's-head biscuits and honest-to-goodness sweet tea.

And on Saturday I had the genius idea to track that sucker down.

You wanna know where I found it? Sitting right outside the Biscuit RESTAURANT. I no longer have to try to track by gps the mysterious whereabouts of roving biscuit-serving bus. I can procure said biscuits any old time I want (during business hours) at the brick and mortar home of the bus.

Hot diggety.

We were euphoric.
We ate our fill of biscuits and then I'm pretty sure Baby A wriggled his way into some sort of Biscuit Bus movie.

There was some filming going on on the bus and apparently, if you're trying to get into a movie about food service, be really cute and toddle up to the guy in the white chef's coat.

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