Friday, March 25, 2011

Peek of the Week - March 25, 2001

It's Friday! I feel like peekin'!

Our new Friday feature - the Peek of the Week - is all about you. I want to hear (and share with my readers) what wowed you this week. It could be a cool finished project, a work in progress, a personal accomplishment, a cute kid moment, or something that surprised you.

If we could peek into your week - what would you want to show us?

Gotta think about it? Ok. I'll start.
This week's peek is kind of a milestone.

Today...this very the one year anniversary of my etsy shop and this humble blog which began with a charming little post about springy crafts. Now how 'bout that?

I had no real goals or expectations for the whole endeavor. That being said, these two projects have seriously exceeded my expectations. I made friends, learned new things, got to follow my passions and made a little money at it. Expectations surpassed.

So, to celebrate, I made myself a present. Remember that little thing Mama needs?

Mama got it:I finished my Amy Butler bag made from fabulous finds from Fabric Bliss (the new shop that carries amazing fabrics and Happily Home Sewn goodies, in case you forgot).
I customized it for all the things that live in my purses. Phone and sunglasses pockets on either side, and inside pockets for wallet, diapers, wipes, keys, and dedicated no-spill spaces for three, yes three, sippy cups. Just thinking ahead.

As an aside, the patterns in this book are arranged easiest to hardest and this is the first one. Considering that and how long it took me to complete, I may not be that good a seamstress. True confessions.
Mama loves.

And for a bonus peek into my peek - I took these shots on Thursday - the day I keep two extra kiddos - and I have pregnant face, so I had to splice together a couple of photos to get one where all parts of me looked human and awake. Secret's out. you! What's your Peek of the Week?

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  1. The bag is gorgeous - and you look adorable! :)

  2. Your bag is amazing! You are one rockin' seamstress!

  3. Don't dis yourself on pattern following. I think patterns are VERY difficult to follow. I only use one when all else fails.
    Love the purse! Great job!

  4. LOVE the bag! And the fabric choice. That belly is sweet as pie too.