Monday, March 7, 2011

Rock and Roll Confessions

Confession: Some of my best ideas are not my ideas.

Take the Cheese Wedge Onesie for example. The fella thought up that little gem as a gift for a family we know from Eli's class, to welcome their new baby. They're from Wisconsin. They serve the best cheese at their parties. The need a Cheese Wedge Onesie.

And he was right. They loved it. As did the dozens of other people who ordered it to celebrate the Packers being in the Super Bowl.

I can take no credit for that.

Now for this little item. This was the brainchild of my friend Eileen who wanted a gift for her friend who loves music and dj-ing, for his new bundle. She suggested a turntable onesie, which was clearly genius. But I couldn't really work out the translation into fabric.

So, I simplified it down - headphones. Now that could work.

And did it ever.

I just added it to my shop - and if you're not digging the hot pink, you can rock out lots of colors and patterns, or suggest one of your own:

Pretty cool.

You can find it here.

Thanks smarty pantses for the great ideas. Keep 'em coming.


  1. Pretty sure *I* came up with the turntable thing, too. You both congratulated me on it. Where are my royalties?

  2. I do not recall that. Shoulda got it in writing :).

  3. Gorgeous stuff Jessa. We're all going to be saying, "we knew you when...." when you open your huge on line "Clever Kids" shop.

  4. I know you make clothes for kids, and the scale is off. But when my brain saw your first picture, I thought it was a maternity t-shirt for you, with the headphones playing sweet music to the baby in your belly!!