Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birthday Festivities!

Saturday's party was so so fun! We were so lucky that we could usurp the one-year-anniversary festivities being put on by Mellow Mushroom and the new little village in which it is located, for our sweet mouse's big day.

They had booths all over with balloon animal makers, face painters, cake contests, music, and sundry other fun. They had magicians and stilt walkers!
Amos was celebrated by all his baby pals, and Eli's big kid pals!
My sweet mouse in his birthday crown with his birthday banner. I'm am exhausted from all this crafting! But it was all just.so.sweet.
I found the perfect birthday craft for an Amos in Wonderland party - on clearance! Michael's had Mad Hatter Hats and Foam shape stickers and viola - we have our party craft. The kids LOVED it!

So cute!
My cake. I'm super proud.
Amos liked it.
Eli helped.Mellow Mushroom, the fabulous venue, provided a caricaturist and put him on the patio with our 900 children!

Birthday boy!
Crown fun.

One of Mellow's owners, Holly, was in town from Atlanta for the festivities. She was so nice! She took a bunch of pictures of our party for their facebook fan page. Her shots were amazing! Notice that this family photo includes Eric's mom, celebrating with us via iphone face time. Technology!

After pizza and cake we processed to the super fun ground level fountain and got our splash on!

It was such a fun day and we are so happy to celebrate enjoying a whole year with the sweetest little mouse you could ever meet. We love you Amos!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Move over Duff...

There's a new Ace in town.

Now, very rarely do I get any satisfaction out of cooking. It's just not my shtick. Perhaps you remember.

But I do love baked goods. And I love making things pretty.

So I love a good birthday cake.

A handful of times I have conceptualized a cake design in my head, and brought it to life. Talk about sweet satisfaction.

Here is a cake for our sweet Amos in Wonderland.
This reminds me of Princess Leia for some reason.

I tried fondant for the first time and it was easy and fun! I bought pre-fab and rolled it out to make the White Rabbit's clock. Easy peasy.

The flowers were a bit tricky. I couldn't figure out how to make the kind I wanted with the fancy flower-making tips. So I winged it.
It's a little rough, but it worked out ok.

Now, for the shrooms. The party was Alice in Wonderland themed at the Mellow Mushroom restaurant. So, mushrooms were the perfect final touch.

Some back-story: We were huge fans of Mellow Mushroom - a pizza joint in the Southeast. When we found out they were coming west to our fair city we were stoked! So, we went to opening night. We, being all four of us - Me, the fella, Big E, and newborn baby Amos. He was like 50 hours old. We literally came home from the hospital, regrouped, and went to Mellow Mushroom. On opening night. Loud music. Huge crowd. Press. Photographers, and 2 day old Amos. So, it worked out beautifully that they were celebrating their one year anniversary with an Alice in Wonderland-themed shindig, one day before Little A's big day. Serendipity.

Okay, back to the cake. I added a little mouse (made of fondant - love this stuff!) for our little mouse, and a bunch of fondant mushrooms.

Make a wish little A!

The party was so fun! There were kids EVERYWHERE! We had the patio to ourselves and it was full of children and balloons. The kids made mad-hatter hats and had caricatures drawn (Mellow Mushroom's treat). More on party fun in the next post.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

One Birthday Crown, Mouse-Sized

I forgot one very important detail in the birthday preparations until last night. Boogie needs a birthday crown!

Put down the cake frosting, whip out the felt and get to work!

Ribbon options galore!

I went with orange.

I had a tough time getting his name just right. I tried just an A, but redid it a few times, and decided to go with the whole name. And one sweet little candle for this big day!


Sweet birthday mouse, we love you!

We're wrapping up preparations at the home office and heading to party central! Woo hoo!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Abby!

Happy Birthday to a wonderful one-year-old (and future daughter-in-law) Abby!
We wish we could be celebrating with you in N.C., but we're cheersing you in spirit!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Boogie's Birthday Suit

I found this fun book o' iron-ons and used my 40% off one item coupon from Joann's to buy it for myself. It is full of super fun wonderland-y designs. Sukie, you're very clever.

And now...the big....
overly dramatic....

Thanks Sukie for making it soooooo easy to make the perfect birthday onesie for the mouse!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Super Sophie!

I love it when people send me photos of their Super Kids.

This is Super Sophie on her birthday:
Super Cute for sure!

...and super safety conscious. Love it!

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Product is Launched!

Alrighty friends. Sorry for the barely veiled secrecy, but your wait is over! Let me reveal to you the newest Happily Home Sewn product - The Anywhere Highchair!

It comes in these four combinations (so far). First, for the vehicle enthusiast - click here to see the full listing with more photos.

Next, for the lovely ladies - critters and blooms - click here to see the full listing with more photos.
This one has something for everyone! Sweet pink woodland critters on one side, and groovy green castles on the other! Love it! Click here to see the full listing with more photos.

Fish and berries...sweet and simple. Click here to see the full listing and more photos.

This process has been a labor of love, since I received a vintage one of these from my aunt in June. What a great idea that has kind of gotten lost in the shuffle of new, shiny, plastic, baby gear. I have had the most fun adding my own little tweaks to this traditional design, and seeing what sweet baby Boogie thinks of the whole idea.

He's a fan.

Hope you guys like it! I'd love your feedback!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sneakity Peekity

"The product" is in the works in a couple of different fun fabric combos.

Wanna see?

I'm getting excited. I still have a few little details to figure out before I launch, but soon.