Thursday, March 24, 2011

Embracing Two Until it's Threee

I love a Thursday no-brainer. Let's embrace the camera, shall we.

Lil' Sis has been getting a lot of love here this week, since we got to peek in on her and are half way (HALF WAY!) to meeting her. So, for today's Embrace the Camera I want to spread the boy love.

Here are a few of my favorite shots of just the boys and me.

For the next twenty weeks I plan to cherish to pure delicious boyishness around here. We'll play cars and trains, dig in the dirt and construct 'til our hearts are content. We'll do some crafting and other stuff too, but we're going to eat up the locker room vibe until August when lil' sis comes and mixes things up.

We're also planning to cherish the two. I'll be honest, three is terrifying. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait until she's here, but how is this going to work exactly? No really, I'm asking.

Have a lovely Thursday. I'm off to play some trains.

And don't forget to come back tomorrow with your Peek of the Week! To learn what that is and how to participate, read all about it and come back tomorrow to tell us what you've been up to!


  1. Beautiful pics! I love that sage green matchy-matchy.

    I'm the only girl of 3 kids, but sadly it didn't mean much of a touch of girliness for my mom. Just a rough-and-tumble tomboy! My mom still laments it! ;)

  2. Awe, super cute! Balancing two is challenging, I know. But so worth it.

  3. So cute! I'm only working with one right now, but I could definitely see how 3 would be a whole new world! I love the "Cast of Characters." Great idea! Also, I so long to do pottery! Maybe one day...

  4. we should be automatic friends because of the sweet tea thing :) and i have no clue how you do 3!! i was just telling my sister today after we had lunch with my daughter...can we go to lunch when i have more than one kid? isn't that going to be exhausting??

  5. What a sweet post, those are wonderful pictures!

  6. Cute post. I have one boy and one girl, and like you half way to baby # 3. Baby will be a suprise. Life will only get better with more love, what a blessing.