Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sweet Tedium

I apologize. I concede that this post is going to be tedious for any of you who did not give birth to Amos.
So, for those of you for whom that fact is true, my sincere apologies.
When your babies get to be toddlers, you miss that sweet feeling of them sleeping on your chest.
But, when you get a good thing going with their sleep, you don't mess with the routine. That routine is gold and the sleep is triple platinum.
But yesterday after gymnastics, Amos was tired enough to drift off after I read his books and was rocking him for just an extra minute.
I savored it.
Then I exploited it for a very sweet photo shoot.

Then I tucked him into his crib and let him be. And he slept for three and a half hours.

Triple. Platinum.


  1. I seriously have no idea how your children could be anymore beautiful. It almost makes me want one.

  2. This great aunt who has yet to have the pleasure of meeting little Amos does not find the posts at all tedious--I actually get rather giddy when I discover a new one!