Monday, April 11, 2011

The Life

This kid has got it good. I wish I could toddle from thing to thing, catering to my own every whim, or better yet, having someone else do it for me, and then drop into sleep whenever and wherever the urge strikes. That'd be sweet wouldn't it.

Amos' pre-dawn wake up left him feeling drowsy so he fell asleep on the way home from dropping Eli off at school. Before 10:00 a.m. Rough life.

Not sure quite what to do with this development, I threw a blanket down under a tree and transported him to it. He woke up then but when I gave him his Jellys (the mice) and a paci, he clenched his little eyes shut so tight like all he wanted in this world was to fall back asleep under this tree. Bless him.
He couldn't quite get back there, poor guy. Now that's a feeling I'm quite familiar with.

Yard nap over. Duration - 2.7 minutes.

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