Monday, April 11, 2011

Flower Power

I fell off the radar over the weekend because I was poring over my new obsession. On Saturday I took a Kanzashi Flower Making Class at Fabric Bliss and now I am hooked! These are the flowers I made in class.

And now I have come home and done nothing but make flowers for two straight days.
I made itsy bitsy ones and turned them into hair bows for lil' sis who will most certainly be bald.

Then I had a stroke of brilliance. I made...The Sweater Set:
Rather than buying forty seven new sweaters each to adorn with sweet little flowers, I added snap backs to the backs of each flower and...
snap fronts to the front of my sweater. Now I can change flowers according to mood and/or ensemble. Genius, no?

I'm wearing these today. Are you squealing with glee? No, just me? Ok.

Everybody in the house likes my flowers. Dizzy wears his as a handsome boutonniere. Boogie models the hair bows (only to his immediate family), and no kidding, the fella whistled up the stairs to me this morning to show me one in his 1/4" hair. Pinky swear.

No surface is safe. I'm sure within days there will be flowered onesies, flowered purses and flowered fire trucks rolling around here. I can't wait.


  1. LOVE THEM! I must get a tutorial....I am also envisioning these as really cute shoe clip-ons to fancy up a pair of flats.

  2. the obsession phase of crafting is my favorite!

  3. BAH HA! Good, I am glad I was not the only one! Although, I am mostly nursing this awful cold and NOT pretty little flowers. Bah. The snaps are a SERIOUS stroke of genius!!!! I'm stealing it! ;) Thanks SO MUCH for coming!!!

  4. Love love love!! I have a book on kanzashi making but I haven't tried it yet... I think it will go on my short list now. The snaps are brilliant!! :D

  5. This is genius. When are snappy-snaps ever a bad idea?

  6. Woman! How smart are you!?!?! Love the snap ons. Totally stealing...