Monday, April 4, 2011

Get Thee to the Park

Here in our town in the West (I got some flack for saying we lived in the mid-west. Apparently locals take offense to that. My bad.) the weather can be a bit of a pill, especially at change of season. So, when you get a nice day, you suck the life right out of it, because it may snow tomorrow.

That was the case on Saturday. It was gorgeous, and snow was in the forecast. So I sent out a "Get thee to the Park!" APB to all our buddies and we met up for a lovely romp and picnic.

All our kiddos together could have put on a rather grimy production of Oliver Twist.

They had a super blast. And so as not to waste the day we took them home for quick naps and back out to our favorite campus run around spot with a new batch of friends and a bocce tournament.

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