Thursday, April 14, 2011

Embrace the Belly

Lil' Sis is making her way into more and more photos these days. She's getting hard to miss. Know what's scaring me a little bit? I have 4 more months of belly growing time. How is that going to work exactly? I think I remember having this same fear when I was about this pregnant with Amos, and it all worked out. Man, I'm starting to sound like an old pro at this.

This week is flying by and I can't believe it's Thursday already. For weeks I've been lamenting the absence of junk food around here, but I went to costco and I lament no more. Big belly problem solved.

I'm linking this post up to the Anderson Crew Blog for their Embrace the Camera feature. Sounds like fun doesn't it? Well, you can do the same right here tomorrow, as you link up your Peek of the Week post telling us what made you happy, proud, laugh, or smile this week. Please come back tomorrow and share! To learn more about the Peek of the Week, click here! It's fun!


  1. Your belly is cute, and I feel the same way as you. I feel huge but still have 4 months to go!!! Yikes!

  2. Love your picture!!! SO sweet and all three of you look great ;)

  3. yay for preggo bellys that really are soo cute;)

  4. this is awesome. LOVE pregnant belly's. Nothing cuter!