Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Prep School

Amos is so ready to go to school, he can taste it.

Every time we drop Eli off at school, Amos tries to get left. He's like, "No no, don't mind me. I belong here. Just John Q. Preschool Student."

He really really loves the sensory table, which of late has been filled with dry macaroni.

So, we're prepping hard around here for his impending school start this fall.
It starts with macaroni in a bowl. Amos happy.

He's totally going to being king of the class too. The first day of school is his birthday. Nothing like bringing cupcakes to the first day in a new class to win some friends. Not that he'd need cupcakes with that star personality and winning smile. Those kids don't have a chance.

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