Saturday, April 16, 2011

Buddy Birthday

Today we're celebrating the birthday of one forth of the Thursday Chaos Crew (we keep two extra kiddos on Thursdays - Eli's buddy and his little sister, Amos' girlfriend).

This kid is a huge hoot. Just as an example, his mom told him he could eat wherever he wants for his birthday and he said "I want to go to a restaurant called 'Candy and Sweets'."

See? A hoot!

I'm so happy my boys have found such a good friend in this kid! We will miss our weekly hang-out with these guys (we only have two Thursdays left of the Chaos Crew - with Lil' Sis' coming along, it's just getting to be too much). Good thing we usually find one or two other reasons each week to get together.

Like today - to celebrate his birthday! Happy Birthday Luca Lou!

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