Thursday, April 28, 2011

Embrace the Blue Eyes

Here's a little story about my living being made mostly on my computer and about my computer being lame and almost out of memory. So last night in an effort to make some space I went through my photos and came across a few gems. Since I started with the oldest photos, these are all of Dizzy from 2007/early 2008.

Know what struck me most? Kid has some BLUE eyes! I'll be taking credit for that. Nice work genes!

Something else is striking me as I scroll down...kid loved a paci!

Yum. Yumma Yum. Blue eyes and that crazy blond mohawk. Color me smitten.

Ok, last revelation I swear, but I'm realizing now that all my Embrace the Camera posts feature only one of my children. Next week I'll try to remedy that. We do all turn up in the same place from time to time.

I'm linking this post up for Embrace the Camera the camera day on the Anderson Crew blog.

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  1. He's stunning! Love the pics :)

  2. he has beautiful eyes. Both my girls have dark blue eyes and I love them!

  3. Those eyes!!! They melt your heart in an instant. Cute kids you got there! (By the way, I found your blog from the anderson crew embrace the camera party)