Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dizzle: "The leaves are falling on the ground. That means it's fall!"

There's something full circle, or partial circle, about this entry. You see, I began this blog in the Spring, with a post about making Spring wreaths with the boys.

As soon as one blossom burst onto the scene around here, we celebrated with new door decor.

Well, a leaf has fallen. A change of season is upon us.

With the fella across the pond, presenting a paper tomorrow at Oxford (good luck Mr. Smarty Britches), we had a completely crafty Saturday, just me and the boys.

I had a loose idea of the wreaths I wanted to make, but more importantly, I had a few don'ts in mind when conceiving the project.

1)I don't want to change out of my pajamas
2)I don't want to leave the house
3)I don't want to spend any money
4)I don't want it to take three days (like the spring wreaths did)

I had some Dos too:
1)I do want the boys to get to help
2)I do want to use some fabric
3)I do want to use stuff I have on hand
4)I do not need these to be keepable forever. I'd be happy to disassemble one or both of them at the next change of season.

I didn't have a wreath form on hand. But going to buy one would break don'ts one, two, and three. After 10 minutes or so of pondering, I had a plan:
Wreaths don't have to be circles.

Fabric? Check. I used the quilting loops to hold the fabric (love this pattern!).

I stuffed in grocery bags and stitched the fabric closed (very inexactly).

A bit lumpy, but that'll be covered up.

Next step: leaves. I drew up some quick leaves and let Dizzle go to painting. He did a beautiful job.

cut cut pin pin.

Add a few of those fabulous frilly acorns (I knew I'd find something fun to do with these cuties).

Nothing around here is complete without a sassy owl friend. He's hiding a really ugly ringer/peep hole box.

Ta Da! Love it!

I love how the creative process worked today. As we worked, new ideas came to me. I thought of different supplies to use and additions to make. After making this first wreath we took a two hour walk (yeah, I got out of my jammies) and lunch break. We gathered more acorns to make our second wreath. More on that tomorrow.

Happy Fall!

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