Monday, September 6, 2010


This is a magic moment.

Now, don't pin me down on the exact timing of said moment. The time change is tricky. But sometime very soon, across the world in beautiful Guangzhou China, one of the loveliest couples I know will become a family of three. My dear dear friends Jodie and Marc will at long last meet their daughter, Caroline YueCong.

I've know the beautiful Mama, sweet Jodie, for...geez...16, 17 years. Whoa. She is quiet and kind. The strength in that girl could knock down Gibraltar but she is as graceful and gentle as they come. She has an eye and a talent for seeing and creating beauty. She made this:

and this:
(which can be purchased in her etsy shop, here. Shameless plug).

Oh and this: indescribably amazing gingerbread creation that won her the title of Uber Grand Champion 1st Prize Winner (ok, I embellished the title) of The National Gingerbread Competition last year.

It's worth seeing again:
I mean come on. Jodie - will you adopt me?

And the Proud Papa? He's pretty crafty too.

He made um...
their house. And it is perfection.

He made every stair rail, every cabinet. He even made a climby scratchy play condo for the cats.

He and I collaborated to make their bathroom vanity. Check us out:

When Eric and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this summer at the beach Re-Nup, Marc and Jodie celebrated with us. We spent a week splashing in the sea and sailing Marc's lovingly restored boat - the Kolibri. They played with and loved on our babies.

And now. After an incredibly long and taxing journey, they get to love on their own.

I can feel it. The magic moment is soon.

I can't wait to meet you sweet Caroline. The love that is going to swell from that beautiful house your Daddy built - well - I'm sure I'll be able to see it from here.

Jodie and Marc have not asked me to post this - but if there is any way I can help add ease to their journey, I wanna. The least I can do is share their fundraiser with you all. They have created a very cool t-shirt. It's a collaboration - Jodie's idea, Marc's design. And you can own one and wear it proudly by clicking here:

So, send out some good thoughts all the way to them in China. Wish them safe travels, smooth transitions, and lots and lots and lots of love.


  1. Can I just donate directly to them? While I like their t-shirts, Lord knows I don't need another one!