Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's a hoot.

Y'all...we are some kinda owl crazed around here.

Can you tell?

Well, today somehow these little guys hooted and swiveled their little heads around long enough that I couldn't ignore them anymore. They weaseled their way ahead of some items on the to-sew list and became these (insert squeal of excitement here):

This skirt has attached bloomers.


The lovely and talented Elsa Belle was a very eager owl ensemble model!

No really. That's still Elsa.

If you simply must have some owl goodness, you can find these cute ensembles here:

Hope you all had a hoot of a day!

Addendum - I forgot to mention when I first published this (4 minutes ago) that I made the bloomer skirt with no patterns. That's right. I cooked those babies up straight out my head and they worked. How is that possible?

I pondered how to make a little skirt, came up with a plan and did it. Then I decided it would be cute with bloomers (because, what isn't). I pondered, came up with plan, and did. Then I attached the two.

And. it. worked.


  1. See, we think alike, but I never put anything into action. My friends always make fun of me because I say, "We can make that!" Your awesomeness just actually gets it done!!

  2. You are indeed the queen of awesomeness.