Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Ok guys. The magic happened. The beautiful Caroline has been united with her adoring parents. I have read and re-read about the magic moment and gazed and re-gazed upon the photos of this beautiful family's first meeting - and wept and re-wept with happiness for them.

And I have been inspired.

Short of being able to wrap my arms around these lovelies, I sewed up something that I can send to be wrapped around them.

I present:

Mama/Daughter aprons for Jodie and Caroline!

Now, lest you think I honor the throwback to the 50's house wife - no, no, no. I do not believe a woman's place is in the kitchen. In fact, I avoid the place at all costs.

But I do believe that Jodie likes hers. Go figure.

She makes beautiful (and yummy) things in the beautiful kitchen that Marc made. She spent hour upon hour in her kitchen crafting that amazing, award-winning gingerbread bird cage (remember that? it was awesome).
I also believe, that if you must go into the kitchen, and if you must cook stuff - you can at least look super duper girlie while doing so.
Wearing a super sweet frilly apron might even make me want to go in my kitchen.


I can imagine what wonderful things Jodie will teach Caroline in the kitchen (and everywhere else). Can't you just see them all cute in their aprons, whipping up something yummy?

Mmmmm, I'll be right over!
They have about a week and a half left in China, exploring with Caroline. I am so excited to follow their adventures there and to celebrate as they settled into life as a family. What a wonder.

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