Monday, September 6, 2010

And the Towel Winner Is...

Ok folks, it took me an hour to fix up the flingin' flangin' video, but here is the winner of the End of Summer Hooded Towel Giveaway!!!

The entrants...
All lined up. Who will it be???

I love suspense.

The boys (including the fella) have been playing in a table tent all day. So this winner reveal is straight out da tent.

(Excuse all the grunting. The tent is low down and my hands were full - so I was trudging around on my elbows).

Boogie brokered a trade. Little slips of paper for goldfish crackers.

Congratulations to ILoveJonsBlueEyes - who I discovered through a little digging is a blast-from-the-past friend, Amber from highschool! Congratulations Amber! We traveled similar roads it seems, to start our families. We tried for nearly three years - and now look at us - we're nearly bursting at the seams! I'll be in touch to get your towel to you!

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