Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Wrench.

So this evening two lovely friends stopped by to visit. One of them whipped up a delicious stir fry. The gals, the boys and I sat down to eat. Then I came around the table to help Dizzle with something. My ankle turned over and I went with it.

It was hysterical! My friend Christa rushed to me and I screamed, " I heard a pop. It's broken. Don't touch it. Really. Don't TOUCH IT!" Then about 15 seconds passed. Upon second assessment I decided I was fine. I apologized, confessing that my first response always tends toward the dramatic.

We continued our lovely dinner, and I re-re-assessed. Things started to hurt. There was never any major bruising or swelling. Some, but not a lot. But I couldn't bend it in all the ways I usedtocould, and to put my weight on it hurt pretty bad.

But I hobbled around, got the boys to bed with my friends' help. They bathed my children and cleaned up after dinner for goodness sakes. These ladies are gems.

Once the boys were in bed I decided to have it looked at. So Christa took me to the hospital and Laura stayed with the boys.

Long story, well.....long - it's broke.

I have multiple fractures in my left foot, with fragments that are in danger of detaching! No wonder it hurts so bad. So they gave me a boot because I can not put any weight on it, and a set of youth sized crutches (talk about adding insult to injury. but I laughed it off). In a day or two I'll see an orthopedist and get a cast. Good times.

Here are my thoughts as I sit here with my fries, frosty, and friend.
  • I'm so thankful. I feel so lucky that my foot is broken and that is the biggest struggle I have in my life at the moment. I came into the ER behind a 6 month pregnant woman having pains. The fear in her eyes was heart-wrenching and I couldn't imagine being in her position (I saw her as we were leaving. She and babe are a-ok. So thankful). This is nothing.
  • I kinda love hospitals. Did you know it was art school or med school for me? I chose art school because way fewer people die there. But med school is not out of the question someday.
  • This was really fun and I'm really glad Christa was with me. We cracked each other up. And some other people too.
  • The fella can never leave the country again.
  • The third floor walk-up is unfortunate. When the nurse was fitting me for the (youth) crutches I asked, "So...where does the baby go?"
  • I love how the Universe prepares me before it throws me a wrench. I was actually telling the girls how ahead of the game I felt for the coming week. That'll teach me.
  • I also love these facebook comments about the broken foot: "Were you extreme sewing?" and "Oh no! It's not your pedal foot is it?"
  • It's pretty remarkable in this tiny and always toy-covered apartment, that I didn't hit my head or land on Thomas the Train and break a rib. Again...thankful.
And most importantly - I love my village. People have already come out of the wood work to help me navigate the logistics on this (ok, I also love facebook). I have lovely neighbors on either side of us that can carry the babes up and down the stairs. Friends are volunteering to drive Dizzle to school. It's gonna be alright. Thank you my villagers. I'm so glad you're here.

The fella is in London until Wednesday. Christa's staying with me tonight and we're vegging on the couch, watching Project Runway and eating junk. That's the best medicine.


  1. Oh Jessa! I'm so sorry. Thanks for your cheery outlook on the whole situation- helps to keep life in perspective. Hope it heals quickly!! Wish there was something I could do to help from NC!