Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wreaths Around Here Come in Twos

After completing our first wreath on Saturday (see yesterday's post), we took a two hour walk. We went back to the tree with the fantastic frilly acorns and collected a bunch more.
This second wreath required a lot of hot gluing, so I put the boys down for naps and went to work solo.

Following my "don't buy anything to make these wreaths" rule, I reused the smaller spring wreath as the starter for my acorn wreath.

Nothing scientific here. Just glue glue glue.

By this point I was half way through my bucket o' acorns and little critters were crawling all over the place.

I love this wreath. I wish I had a prettier door. It's so bland and white. It needs a window or a burst of color, but I think our landlord would frown upon that. And since she's already a little over us, what with the chalk drawings all over the brick (can't even blame the boys for that one) and the sandbox we lugged up to the third floor patio. So I'll just have to jazz up these boring doors with super seasonal decor!

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