Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Something Old and New Revealed

Most days the best laid plans of this harried Mama are folly, but yesterday I cooked up a plan to make these pants with the new cutout pockets, and then to get the boys photographed in them. And whadyaknow. It worked.

So, something old - the time tested Britches and Bloomers kiddo pants pattern I have used to make a jillion pairs of crazy britches (side note - I had to stop calling them crazy britches, because Eli started calling them crazy britches. And in his cute little kiddo speak it came out, well...wrong).

And something new - 1)sewing with wool felt (delicious!) and 2)this fun new cutout design detail I learned from my fall 2010 edition of Stitch magazine.

The wool is so soft and structured and will keep them all cozy as the cold is upon us.
Boogie loves them! If you do too, you can buy them here.

Then, to continue to boys pants making trend, I tried the new technique with a leafy flair.
I think I'm in love with these pants...

and he who wears them. You can get the pants (but not he who wears them, sorry) here!

It was completely unbelievable actually - that these plans all came together. In fact, after naps, I embarked on a 4 part errand with the boys. Thankfully all 4 parts could be accomplished in the same shopping "village" (ah, gentrification).

Stop one: Library - to right a motherly wrong. The day before we also went to the library, and when we were checking out our books I secretly spirited the Bob the Builder book back into the bin from whence it came, hoping Dizzle would forget it existed. Oh no. Big tears at bedtime. Big Mama guilt. So, another trip to the library was requisite.

Stop two required a wardrobe change. I put the boys in their freshly sewn britches and clean (ish) shirts and took them out to the village fountain. Photo shoot - a go go. They were so cute and so cooperative. I had great shots in a jiffy. Which was good because my iphone got full pretty quick.

Stop three: dinner.

Stop four: Whole foods for snacks for Dizzle's class tomorrow.

And home before bed. Kudos to the harried Mama and her merry cohorts.


  1. you're amazing! so proud to be your friend! (I showed you off at my new friend's house today!)

  2. She did, and I fell in LOVE!!!! Honestly, I think I may buy out your store as soon as my husband gets rich like he keeps saying he will. =)

  3. btw, we may be moving in a bit, and I will be for SURE needing decals, I died over Gillians!