Monday, September 13, 2010

Neccesity is yo Mama.

I love creating with my boys. Dizzle's imagination is simply fascinating, and Boogie's an excellent conversationalist - he keeps us both so entertained.

But there are times when I just want them OFF MY SEWING TABLE #%*@! (Sometimes I actually say that: "Dizzle Blank LastName! Get your hiney off my sewing table. Pound sign, percentage, asterisk, at sign, ellipsis, exclamation point!")

Now Boogie is innocent. He can't really get up there by himself.

But Dizzle.

Dizzle's a scrambler. He can shimmy his way up there faster then I can wind a bobbin.

So yesterday morning, to finally convince him to shimmy back down, I had a stroke of genius. You see, he really likes to have a cutting from particular pieces of fabric he likes. And I found a gem the other day - a brown one covered in construction vehicles. Dizzle was beside himself. So I cut one out...sewed it right sides together (Dizzle's favorite chant) with some brightly colored terry cloth...and stuffed it.

I made some stuffies. Is that the term these days? Because it's kinda creepy.

At any rate - it worked! He loved them.

Boogie thought they rocked.

So I made a bunch.

I made a batch of critters.

And as a bonus - one in each rattles. See? Boogie's shaking the rattly one. (Here's the tragic back story on that. I was struck with the idea to add a rattle and a poor rattly elephant from Boogie's toy box was called upon to give the ultimate sacrifice. I amputated two of his rattly feet to stuff inside.)

And I just added them to my little etsy shop.
You can get a set of 6 construction vehicles here.
You can get a set of 6 sassy critters here.

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