Saturday, September 18, 2010

Love Fest in Calico

It would be impossible to list all the things I love about this picture. But let's try shall we:

1)That Dear Dear Dizzle and That Baby Boogie. I burst. I melt. I swoon. Those boys are the peaches and the cream.

2)Brotherly love. When I posted this picture on fb the fella commented, "Awwwwwwwww. Tell the Eli trying to choke him out?" But he wasn't. That is genuine affection, not remotely goaded on by the Mama. I was firmly engaged in picking out fabric for Christmas jammies when I looked up to discover this little love fest.

3)Fabric. Clearly.

4)My new joann's and their full sized carts. They recently remolded in a new space in the same slightly shady shopping center. The new store is big and bright and well stocked and the staff (at least temporarily) is chipper (why are joann's employees always so grumpy? Being surrounded by all that fabric? euphoria!), but none of that compares to the bliss of coming in the door on opening day and finding full. sized. carts! Finally they realize that trying to tote two children and 14 bolts of fabric in a shoebox cart is folly.

5)Boogie's overalls and how cute-elicious he is in them.

6)My orange blossom bag with the rainy day girl cell phone pocket. That was a stroke of brilliance.

7)How my boys feel about Joann's. Dizzle can spot one a mile away and often requests to go there out of the blue. He helps me choose fabrics, talks about designs he sees, picks a number for us at the cut counter and reminds Boogie not to eat it, and always tells our cut counter person, "Be careful not to cut your fingers." He's a gem and joann's usually brings out his shine.

8)How these boys crack each other up.

9)Boogie's circus shoes.
10) Brother antics that only they get.

11)Anything sealed with a kiss.


  1. The sweetness/cuteness runneth over!

  2. Aww! They are so sweet. I love being able to document precious moments like this due to the convenience of the camera on the phone.