Sunday, September 19, 2010


Some cool cape orders have come in lately. I love it when people have ideas we can collaborate on and make something totally original.

An etsy order came in from a woman who's family is being super heroes for Halloween, so she talked with her kiddos about the super hero they each wanted to be.

Her son had the brilliant idea to choose his 3 faves - Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. Genius.
Ta Da! This kid's going to be unstoppable!

Her little girl wants to be Super Snow White.

A lovely friend requested a cape for a little girl whose Mama was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. What a wonderful way to help bolster this family in such a heavy, scary part of their journey.
I'm so honored to be asked to help brighten things up in this small way for this family I've never met.

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  1. Jessa the kids LOVE them!!! You should have heard them when I opened the package & they saw what was inside...priceless! They are currently running around the house with the new capes on & I'm sure they are feeling "Super"! Thanks again!! Capes are great....LOVE the spider fabric you found too. It just tied everything together. Awesome post too...we are just as excited over here. I'll email you pictures after Halloween to see them in full "Super" mode...hehe.