Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Decoupage Easter

Last night once the kiddos were nestled all snug in their beds, I nestled myself into the recliner with a box of blown out eggs, a stack of fabric and a jug o' Modge Podge. 

This project (which, yes, I found on Pintrest) was super easy. I just clipped out some fun details from the fabrics - some for each kiddo, and some for me - and went to it.
Mod Podge is magical stuff. 

For the kiddos: dump trucks, dinos and cars for Amos; pengiuns and rockets for Eli; and owls birdies for the Hazemeister. 

Even the HHS owls got in on the action. Pretty sweet. And you know what's cool? These little birds started out as solid sheets of vinyl that I made into owls, then photographed, then tweaked digitally to make into my HHS logo and now they're on an egg. Quite the progression.

And these are my faves. I especially love the birdcages. So pretty.

Happy Easter prepping!


  1. Love them! I remember the one and only (that I remember) crafty project that my mom ever did was blown out easter eggs. Granted, she used those plastic shrink wrap sleeves but the delicate feel of the weightless eggs was magical to me!