Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kickin' It.

The cutest thing ever to happen throughout history occurred last Saturday.

It was PeeWee soccer. And Dizzy was all over it.  

I know coming from me this means nothing, but he was kind of a natural. And no one is more surprised about that than me. We totally expected our clumsy kid to just goof his way though it. But he really got it. It was his first time out and he dribbled, passed, and didn't use his hands.

Here was our exchange that morning:
Getting Eli jazzed for his first soccer practice and game, we reviewed the basics:
Me: you can never touch the ball with yoooooour?
Eli: hands!
Me: follow theeeeee? (looking for ball)
Eli: rules! (I'll accept that)
Me: listen to yoooooour? (looking for coach)
Love this kid.

Creek pee break for Amos.

Where did he learn that move??? Incidentally that little girl was the baller of our team. She kicked circles around every other kid on the field.

I don't know. But at least the game hadn't started yet.

Eli self-determined as goalie. He was put at middle back by his coach, but took the job of protecting the goal very seriously. So did the kid in white who was on the other team and got a little confused and came to help Eli protect our goal. Ooops.

Eli knew he was protecting the goal, even though nobody told him to do that. And he even prevented a goal by the other team. The only goal that was scored was when he had subbed out. Mama's proud. 
Love the parents' celebration tunnel.

I know it's not supposed to matter, yada yada, but our team, the Mighty Giraffes, did reign victorious. Final score: Giraffes 2, Other Team 1.

In a total coincidence I got an order for a soccer themed cape for a little boy named Edward in England. When Eli saw it, he naturally assumed it was for him, and who could resist. Guess I gotta make another. (Shameless plug - if your Super Kid needs his or her very own custom cape themed around their own interests, you can find them in my etsy shop - right here!

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