Friday, April 6, 2012

Peek of the Week - April 7, 2012

Take a peek at this...
What's Peek of the Week you ask? It's our semi-regular Friday feature where we hear all about what cool things you other crafty families and blogging types have been up to. Tell us about your projects, finished or in-progress, a funny kid moment, a personal accomplishment or just something that made you smile.

Each week I'll get the ball rolling by sharing a Peek from our week and then invite you to do the same by linking up to your own post.

So, I think the above photo should be called "Pintrest Takes Over." I asked Eric to snap it the other night while I was decoupaging Easter Eggs and when I saw it I was like, "Daaaaaaamn, that's a lot of pintrest in my living room." Just in this one non-staged shot are the following pintrest projects:
1. Tape masked name paintings
2. Holder for charging cell phone made from old lotion bottle
3. Fabric decoupaged Easter eggs
4. Duct (or masking) tape race track
5. Tube car ramp track
6. Paper roll installed under kids table with tension rod

And there are like 7 others out of frame.

I even have a Pintrest Board called "Saw it on Pintrest and Made It." See? Does everybody actually make the things they see on Pintrest, or is it just me? Because I currently have 251 pins including 19 on a board called "Do This Now" so I may have to quit my job.

Alright. Your turn. What's in your living room?
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