Thursday, April 19, 2012

Embracing Amos

Or should I call it...Amos Embracing Me?

I am the one he loves the best. I hope I keep that title for all time because it comes with some pretty sweet perks.

For one, he's a really good kisser.
Also...a great conversationalist. 
Best snuggler ever. 
I am one lucky Mama.

Oh! - and if you didn't see yesterday's 
post about Happily Home Sewn's
 VERY. EXCITING. NEWS. - click here
I'm still kvetching! (I love that word)

Embracing the Camera with the Anderson Crew today.


  1. Sweetest pictures ever! I love being the favorite, too! And thank you for commenting on my blog!

  2. What a doll, gotta love them momma's boys! :)

  3. I really love that first picture. Reminds me of my little boy =)

  4. Adorable pictures! And congrats on being highlighted next to Martha Stewart.
    Very cute things you have there.

  5. Those look like some pretty terrific snuggles! And how boutcha with the abc news shout out. Martha will be wanting your number soon so y'all can collaborate. ;)

  6. LOVE picture number one! So sweet!

  7. Oh I'm jealous. My son was 5 when he didn't want to kiss anymore. But he still wants to snuggle and I hope that continues for a loooooong time - now he's 8. Wonderful shots! :-)

  8. Love the shots! Just wanted to encourage you to hop on over to our Mommy MOments PHoto Challenge and join in. You can do it for fun or for some fabulous prizes.