Friday, April 13, 2012

Peek of the Week - April 13, 2012

Peek a Boo.

What's Peek of the Week you ask? It's our semi-regular Friday feature where we hear all about what cool things you other crafty families and blogging types have been up to. Tell us about your projects, finished or in-progress, a funny kid moment, a personal accomplishment or just something that made you smile.

Each week I'll get the ball rolling by sharing a Peek from our week and then invite you to do the same by linking up to your own post.

So, this week, I give you "Big Block of Cheese Post." Remember on West Wing when they would have Big Block of Cheese Day, where the White House staff would open its doors to allow anyone (read: crackpots) who wanted to be heard by the government, to be heard? I'm doing that today too, only instead of crackpots, you're being inundated by cute pictures of my kids. There are just so many and they were beginning to freak me out just sitting there waiting to be blogged.

Photo dump. Problem solved.


 Tiny Baby Thumbs Up.


OK! I feel better!

Now you!
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  1. Such a cute Peek! I love the ones of Hazel getting loved on by those sweet boys.