Monday, April 9, 2012

Guest Post!

Hooray! Another guest blog post from the lovely and talented Sarah from Baltimore!

Happy Easter, everyone!
Greetings from Charm City (Baltimore, Maryland) where the flowers are blooming and the trees are leafed-out early this year thanks to our unseasonably warm spring. In our neighborhood of Bolton Hill, neighbors meet up in the early afternoon on Easter in Rutter Mill Park for an egg hunt for the children, followed by a festive potluck lunch. Neighbors are asked to bring a dozen plastic eggs filled with candy or gifts and a dish to share. This year, I will be taking my husband's favorite deviled eggs, sliced ham, and these cupcakes (pictured). When shopping to fill our 10 year old's Easter basket at Target, I spotted this store-brand edible Easter grass and imagined it formed into a nest atop cupcakes. The mental image was easier to create than the actual nest was to make. I realized there's probably a world of edible products with which to create a nest (so, consult Google).  You could even use store-bought cotton candy as long as you prepare the nest cupcakes close to the hour they will be served. For the eggs, anything from jelly beans to candy-coated chocolate mini eggs, looks color/size appropriate.  
In the background of this photo you will see my attempt at a home-made egg tree. If you have a playful cat (as we do) this idea might not work for your household. Future large-scale egg trees at my home will be best suited for display out-of-doors. My naked-tree-branch stuck into a pretty vase and hung with hollow decorated eggs proved too great a temptation to Boo the cat, and what you see in this photo are the eggs that remain.
Hope you have a wonderful holiday celebrated with family and friends wherever this Easter finds you-
Sarah Ramirez Cross  
Thanks Sarah for the fun idea! I'm gonna put a pin in it for next year!

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