Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spoonflower Phobia

So, you guys know about Spoonflower, right? It is genius. It's an North Carolina based company that will print your own fabric designs for you.

See. Genius!

They've used it on the last few seasons of Project Runway and the whole idea seemed so pie-in-the-sky something-only-tv-designers get to do but guess what? That's just not so. Anyone can do it!

And guess what else? The fella, gift-giver extraordinaire, gave me a Spoonflower gift-certificate for Christmas. You believe that? He's a peach.

You'll note that Christmas was 5 months ago. I knew right away that I wanted to design a fabric with Happily Home Sewn's owl logo on it. It's above and it looks awesome in fabric.

But now I'm stuck. Everytime I look on Spoonflower and peruse all the amazing fabrics that people...regular people...have designed, I'm stymied.

So I need some help! What direction should my next fabric design move in??? I can see some lovely florals, vintage-y sewing, vintage-y kiddo, critters, shapes...aaaaaaaaack! Help!!!

Also, I can't decide what to make from my owl color block fabric I've already had printed.

I don't want to waste the Spoonflower opportunity! I need advice from all you stylish, crea-tastic gurus out there!

Suggestions??? Ready....GO!

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  1. pick a small quirky item that you love, a spool, spoon, or cup and draw a quick 5-second doodle then maybe do a repetitive pattern with it, simple but sweet. Other fabric worth objects: bunnies, bicycles, anatomically correct hearts, beans, boats.