Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sewing Buddies - Episode 1

Nothing much happens around here without "help." It's great that I have my crafty area in the main living space now - but there is a down side. All the "help."

I'm constantly retrieving bobbins, yard sticks, fabric, and yes - pins and scissors - from the busy little hands around here.

But all that "help" can be pretty sweet too.
A-Boogie is at the perfect stage of baby life. He is content to sit for long stretches of time and he stays put. Immobility is perfection. This stage is going to last about....forty five more seconds.

Then he'll crawl. Paradise lost.

But for now he is the best sewing buddy I could ask for.
He sits in front of me and Betty, laughing and sqwaking and singing.
That sweet face is about all the inspiration I need.


  1. My 'helpers' are now 22 and 18 and guess what? They know where all the 'good stuff' is! My stapler, scissors, rulers, pens, pencils, glue, markers, etc. disappear without explanation.
    BTW, would you like a large roller cutting board? It's my old one, so is not pristine but might come in handy for you.

  2. That Boogie-child-smile really brightens your workspace, doesn't it?