Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fantasy To-Do List

My fabulous friend's blog - The Make Shift Revolution has issued a remarkable challenge - create your own Fantasy To-Do List.

In her words:
"the purpose of a fantasy to do list is to start thinking beyond all of the many obligations that abound long enough to envision what life might look like with a little added refrains of fun. items on these lists have a strange way of slipping out of the hypothetical world and into our real lives! just try it. you’ll see."

When she laid down this challenge a week or so, I let the idea marinate, and, whadya know, some dreams I didn't even know were hiding under there, peeked out their little heads. Now, as the purpose indicates - these to-dos are fantasy, and are in know way required to get done. But, just thinking about them has lead me to believe, a few just might come true.

So, here's my list of fantasies, some more realistic than others:

  • Be a potter again (see photo below).
  • Go back to India (see photo above).
  • Get a bicycle and attachment for the boys and ride allovercreation.
  • Get a maid (I might want this one the most).
  • Go to Hawaii
  • Have my pottery featured prominently on the set of Central Perk during the Friends reunion show.
  • Become a singer/songwriter (that one came out of the blue didn't it).
  • Read a book. Or two.
  • Have a staff (like employees who work for me and do the piddly tasks of the day instead of me, not like a big stick)
  • Single task (as in, the opposite of multi tasking - my m.o.)
I feel like my list may be woefully devoid of generous "do good for others" kinds of things - but this is fantasy. And in fantasy sometimes is all right to be selfish.

Hmmm...wander which one(s) might come true? Wait and see.

Oh, and on completely separate topic - there's only one day left of the End of May Sample Sale! Jump on over for some Memorial Day bargains.


  1. i'm right there with you on the biking set-up. that would be so much fun! regarding the button, i cropped a pic to 125x125 (you can also do 80x80, added some text in picasa, and followed the directions on a few tutorials i googled. let me know if you want to send you the links to the tutorials.

  2. Not selfish at all! Go for it!