Sunday, May 16, 2010

Serendipity Delivers

Twas but a whim - an ill-advised jaunt for an already tired crew - that took us to the garage sale at the Russian Orthodox church yesterday morning.

We had already been on a short walk and to the Farmers Market, and could have just gone inside and collapsed. But, the call of the Russians. It beckoned to us.

So we walked the 6 some blocks. What we encountered was mostly your garden variety yard sale junk. Church yard sale junk no less - which is, well...special.

A lovely, mostly Russian-speaking, well meaning lady flocked to us and plied us with gifts. She dressed sleeping Amos in a new hat and socks. She sweet talked Eli with a free dog stuffy ("Is gift.")

But I spied something magical and managed to wiggle free of her grasp momentarily to snatch up this (one man's trash) treasure. It's the Sew Easy children's sewing machine! Now, I need to research this a bit - but I think it actually sews. Anybody have any knowledge of this little beauty? Do share!
Eli proudly displayed his find to the other park goers. He even had two BOYS vying for a turn with it at one point. I tried to contain my glee.

With all the days activities the fella and I split the dinner/bedtime duties. I fed Amos and swept him off to bed. When I returned I found Eli sewing away at the table.
Dad hooked him up with some fabric and he went to it.

"What are you making Eli?"

"I made a cape and a purse."

I can not express my excitement over not only acquiring this little gem (for free! No checks accepted at church yard sales apparently), but at Dizzle's love, pride, industry, skill and ease of use of it.

It's Sew Easy to see that we were meant to schlep our worn out babies and our tired bodies up the street to find it. Thanks universe!

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