Friday, April 30, 2010

Let me show you around...

I thought it might be fun to show you my crafty space.

First, you should know that our home is a tiny, wee, smidgen of an apartment. I once facebooked about it saying, "You know your apartment is small when your baby naps in the bathroom and the third seat at your dining table is an arm of the couch."

That's right. Until Little A was about 5 months old, he napped in the bathroom. Don't judge. It worked for us. I would put him down in the swing in our bathroom and then I could be crafty in my craft area in our (my husband's, A's and my) bedroom.

Once he hit 5 months (prime sleep-training age) I had to start napping him in his crib for consistency's sake. Which meant I my crafting time got hacked! Not ok.

So I undertook an epic rearrange (one of my favorite activities).

Here is our living room before. Small but plenty spacious for our little family, with a nice open space in the center.

Here was our dining room table until the rearrange. Once A started his out-of-the-loo naps, I schlepped my projects to and from the dining table between meals. Betty (my sewing machine) was our centerpiece. Quaint, no?

And now, voila! My sewing table (a gem my own Mama pulled from the side of the road at least twenty years ago) took up residence in our once spacious living room. I installed a pull down ironing board and lots of storage for fabric and patterns, sketchbooks and notions.

I chopped our living space almost in half. It's definitely not an aesthetic improvement to the room - but functionally - it's genius.

The couch now butts up against my table instead of the wall. So my little buddy can check out what I'm doing and we can all be in the same room playing and hanging out while I'm "working".
So, it works for us.

A-Boogie can snooze away in his crib instead know.

I don't have to put my projects away so we can eat a meal.

And I can stand in my 14" wide crafting gully and look over the heads of my two playing babies, out the full wall of windows in front of me at, right now, the trees off our porch bursting with vibrant pink blossoms.

This apartment may be wee, but it sure has its perks.

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  1. Oh I love seeing crafy spaces!!! I'm so nosy and love when I get to see down and dirty creativity.... or in your case bright and whimsical creativity.