Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sewing Buddies - Episode 2

The E-Man has been my crafty buddy for low these many years. We've been having what I like to call "Crafternoons" since I can remember. He plays...I craft.He helped me out when I first learned to sew at the mountain house under the tutelage of Christa.
Later when I got Betty, my very own sewing machine, and set up my own sewing nook in our room, he was there.

And here we are just yesterday morning. He snuggles up next to me on my sewing bench and we sew.
I love the fact that the treasure he lovingly clutches as he bounces around the playground is a bobbin from my sewing machine.
I love it that he is often heard to declare, "I love Betty."
I love it that he requests to go to "The Fabic Stoah" and Joanns.
I love it that when he gets to pick his clothes, more often than not he picks ones that were...yup...you guessed it...happily home sewn.
I love my sewing buddies.


  1. I love your sewing buddies too!!!
    (fabric stoah!!! Awesome!)
    I can remember the sound of my Bmama's sewing machine humming as Allison and I played in the floor beside her. Such a soothing whir, and I'm sure it'll be nostalgic for E and A when they're all grown up! (just not too fast um-K, E and A?)

  2. i have always loved that baby-wearing sewing picture. it is priceless... and sooo makeshift!