Thursday, May 27, 2010


(Wedding Photos by Peter Decker)

Ten years ago...

Surrounded by friends...
and family (some barefoot)...
We exchanged these vows...

You are my dearest friend and deepest love,
and I am so happy that on this day I will call you my wife (husband).

From this moment on I promise to love you.
I promise to treat you with honor and respect.
I promise to embrace you each day with kindness.
I vow to be devoted to our love with honesty and vigor.

I will take great joy in you.

You are my greatest bliss, a source of my strength,
and an instrument of my growth and happiness.

I thank our God eternally for you and with his grace,
give myself completely unto you , from this day forward.

And a kiss.

We celebrated.
We danced.
We frolicked.
We loved.

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